Poems from the Evacuation Project

Poems from the Evacuation Project

Here are some poems from the Evacuation Experience.  Our original activity was developed by Dr Gerrard O'Sullivan an Advanced Skills Teacher from Tenterden and we find it works particularly well.  Engaged in the Experience, children often find hidden depths of expression which this exercise unlocks.

Evacuation Poems


Kent and East Sussex Railway 2010 

Bombs, bombs,Screaming bombs
Hayley, St Mary's Folkestone 


No chocolate allowed,

The children wave at the crowd.

Mums and dads speaking out loud.

The children are very loud.

 Jenny, Annaf, Badger, Sari Bridge and Patrixbourne School.  

Here we all are at the station
It's the day for evacuation
We are going to the country by train
[We don't know when we'll be back again]
Goodbye, ta-ta and toodle-pip
[I hope I won't be travel sick]
Bridge and Patrixbourne School. 

Don't be late.

We've got to evacuate.

We are leaving home ~

That's the bad news.

My mother has the home-sick blues.

 Anon, Bridge and Patrixbourne School. 

Here comes the train
Extremely late...... again!
Everybody excited, someone is crying,
The spiv is hoping people are buying.
Amanda, Chloe, Zoë and Alex   Bridge and Patrixbourne School. 

Here we are

Skies are blue

And the train is here.

 Rachel, Silverdale School. 

Excited energy
Chocolate (illegal!)
United with your family
EmergencyEvacuate, Evacuate!
Eleanor, George, Ella and others  Bridge and Patrixbourne School.  

War was a bore for the poor!

The planes flew over the lanes.

 Anon, Silverdale School 

Today I left home without a smile
On the train I waved goodbye,
Wondering what my life will be
Feeling scared so far away from my family.
My body is sad from head to toe
What will life be like when I come home.
Tears rolling down my cheeks
As I comfortably clutch my family photo.
Lindsay, Brittany, Hollie, Emmy, Rhys and Adam  Godington Primary School 

An evacuee from Kent

On a steam train he was sent

Away from the war

Was he sent far?

Only to Stoke-on-Trent!


Bombs overhead
Take Shelter
Evacuation day
Sad, lonely, afraid
Travelling to the country,
What will I find?
My host family
I hope they are kind.
Jazmine, Sol, Charley, Maya, Chantel and othersDiscovery School  


Sitting here all alone.

Wondering how things are at home

Choking smoke and burning coal

Isn't great food for the soul.

I don't know where I will arrive,

With my new family, will I survive?

 James, Shay, Harrison, Mitch, Emily, Taila, Sasha and ImogenThe Discovery School  

This morning I left my house
I think it might be for one year
I must confess I shed a tear.
Carla, Ed, Henry, Katie, KayleighKingshill School 

Women, Men, Children, all involved in war.

Officer, officer, help us please.

Rationing was hard

London bombed – in devastation

Destroyed – all homes !


Will this war ever end?

Adolf's army, sent to frighten us.

Run for cover, run, run, run.

I hope we never have WWIII.

 Morgan, James, Bethany, Jack, Heather and others,West Minster Primary School, Sheerness. 
I'm really, really sad.
I don't want to leave
I feel really upset and
I want to go home
I don't know what to do
I am angry and lonely
I don't know where I'm going
Or who I'm staying with.
I will NOT go,
I am staying in my trench
I wish the war would go away. Anon 

Hot, Stuffy, Crowded, Unhappy


Hot, Stuffy, Crowded, Unhappy

When are we going to get there?

Tired, thirsty, scared, frightened

I need the loo; Me too !

Hungry, annoyed, frustrated, squashed

Where are we going?

I don't want to go, I hate the country

Paranoid, strangers' faces, agitated, worried.

 Buxted School, years 5 and 6. 

Worried, sirens wailing through the air.
Anderson shelter, safe, tight and extremely stuffy.
Resportation on the running train,
Children nervous of their arrival.
Clutching gas masks.
Mersham Primary School. 

Standing on the Platform

Steam Train

Children waiting

Soldiers watching


Planes flying

Bombs dropping

Trains whistling


Scared, worried,


Missing my mum.

Oakley School 

Every child was evacuated
V2's are flying high
Adolf Hitler is getting ready
Can Hitler beat us?
Unbelievably frightened
Evacuees were on the steam trains
Evacuees arrive at their new homes.
St Mary Star of the SeaYear 3 Mrs Jacob's group 

In WW2 the bombs flew


In World War 2 the bombs flew.

Lighting the night skies from the gloom.

Fear and fire flew from the flames

And evacuees boarded the trains.


Wentworth Primary School

Years 5 and 6  Miss Stracan and Miss Phillips

I feel so upset, but excited at the same time,
The toilets smell and its full of grime,
The sooner I get out of here the better
I need to give my family a willing letter.
I hate Hitler, I do, I do,
My shoes have holes, yes my shoes. 
Natasha, Greatstone Primary School 

World at War,

Oh, no,

Run, run,

Lunch is limited

Dig for Victory


Are we safe?


Terrible Time,

World is scared,

Oh, WE’VE WON!!!

 Various children:   school  uncertain – two schools named on sheet, please let us know!! 

Everybody screaming,
Very Frightened
A strange feeling of sadness
Carefully boarding the train
Uncertainty all around,
Afraid and unsure
Teddies taken
Identity cards pinned.
On our way to a different place
No one knowing what’s happening next. 

Punnetts Town  

Horrible, horrible Hitler

You have split up our families

You have invaded half of Europe

Blowing up our houses and trees

We suffer at your hands

I wish that you could seethe misery inflicted on us

The poor, young evacuee!

 Yr5 Singlewell School  

Too young to know the misery
Inflicted on our kin
Hitler, not good, nor man,
Just monster full of sin. 
Let us all remember,
Let us not ignore
All that’s gone before us
These wars we want no more. 

Yr 4/5 Greatstone Primary School


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