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Spring 2014.

Tuesday 3rd June

We returned from our half term holiday yesterday to 4 big fluffy chicks. Not sure what happened to the other four but they may have already fledged. I'm sure the others will fly the nest very soon as they keep flapping their wings and investigating the way out. Hope you've enjoyed watching them.

Wednesday 14th May

Our first chicks have hatched today!!

Our great tits finally laid 9 eggs and she's been sitting on them for over a week now so really pleased to see glimpses of tiny beaks when she leaves the nest. Hope you enjoy watching them develop too.

Thursday 1st May

The great tits finally finished building a nest last weekend and so far we have counted 6 eggs.

She's been sitting on them a lot today and he's been backwards & forwards feeding her.

Thursday 13th March- Activity in the bird box has really increased this week with a small amount of nesting material apppearing. At the moment we have competition between blue tits and great tits for the space so it will be fascinating to see which pair finally build a nest and lay eggs.

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2013 Archive.

Wednesday 1st May

No sign of the sparrows now but our 4th resident has moved in -A Bumble Bee!- which hopefully will be equally fascinating to watch.

Monday 22nd April

Lots more nesting material has appeared over the weekend and another different bird has moved in.
This time it's a sparrow!

Monday 15th April 2013

Today we came back after Easter break to find that the birds have been busy - you can see the first traces of nest building in the box.

Hopefully we will see it progress over the next few weeks, stay tuned!

Mrs Lewis added: There's no sign of the blue tits that had been showing great interest in the bird box for several weeks so sadly no baby blue tits for us this year. However we now have a pair of great tits that have started to build a nest -fingers crossed they will go on to lay eggs & rear their chicks.

Monday 4th March 2013

It looks like the blue tits have staked their claim on the bird box. They seem to be acting more like woodpeckers than blue tits this morning hammering away at the entrance hole to re-shape it.

Tuesday 5th February 2013

Over the last week we've had blue tits and great tits checking the bird box out.

It will be interesting to see which ones take up residence.

Monday 28th January 2013

We started streaming our Birdbox footage late last week when we started to notice some bluetits flying in and out again, much earlier this year than last!

We've cleaned the box out for them so keep watching to see how they get on!

Archive 2012:

Monday 28th May 2012

Our birds have flown the nest! They were there last night so they must have left first thing this morning. It's amazing how quickly they grow and develop and we look forward to their return next year.

Tuesday 22nd May 2012

The four chicks that remain in the nest are growing fast, from time to time one will hop onto the edge of the nest and stretch their wings - it can't be long before they start to fly now.

Mum and Dad remain busy as ever bringing food in all day!

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Out of the 7 eggs that hatched, only 4 chicks remain in the nest - something happened during Sunday night to 3 of them but we didn't see it. One of them seems weaker than the others and isn't getting fed like the others so fingers crossed for it. Mum & Dad are very busy coming backwards and forwards frequently with food.

Tuesday 8th May 2012

Some of our eggs have hatched over the weekend-I counted 6 chicks on Monday but there may be more. mother blue tit is looking after them very well, sitting on them to keep them warm and father blue tit is going backwards and forwards feeding his family. Keep watching and let us know what you see.


There have been a few new additions to the bird box in the past couple of days, namely ten eggs now sitting in the feathers and moss, have a look and see if you can spot them all.

Busy Birds!

The Bluetiits have been very busy the past few days building their nest, and it's really coming together...

Watch this space for updates as the excitement unfolds!

New For 2012!

We at Ferndown Upper School have invested in a brand new bird box with a colour camera and sound installed, this should make 2012 the best year for viewing bluetits ever!

Archive 2011

The bird box was first erected at the beginning of April 2011. The blue tits were seen flying in and out the next day and by the time the camera was rigged up, had started to build a nest. The first egg was laid on 13th April during the school holiday and by the time we returned on 26 April there were 10 eggs. Hope you enjoy watching their progress as much as we do.

Image collection

Havin' a look
Havin' a look
Checking out the camera
Checking out the camera
He's building a nest, he's checking it twice!
He's building a nest, he's checking it twice!
He's building a nest, he's checking it twice!
He's building a nest, he's checking it twice!
Four eggs in the box!
Four eggs in the box!
A few more additions...
A few more additions...
Dad, seeing what's going on
Dad, seeing what's going on
Hungry mouths to feed!
Hungry mouths to feed!
Dad's mucking in!
Dad's mucking in!
They're getting big!
They're getting big!


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