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Questions and comments about Archaeology - 10 posts

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Marion at Canterbury Archaeological Trust
questions and comments about Archaeology here

Roman resources - 1 post

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Marion at CAT
Resources to support Richborough and Lullingstone projects

monastic resources - 5 posts

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resources to complement bayham abbey project

Follow up ideas - 3 posts

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Post the ideas you have of how to follow up DigIT . Are you going to look at abbys with the whole class?

Facilities - 2 posts

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Facilities at Lullingstone

Useful websites for Bayham - 4 posts

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Links to websites we find to help get the most out of the visit to Bayham. Please contribute.

Ask Brother Egbert - 42 posts

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Ask Brother Egbert a question

Marcus - Roman Soldier - 31 posts

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Ask a Roman Soldier a question

Comments and Questions - 5 posts

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Please leave comments and questions about the DigIT project here.

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