Microsites, courtesy of SEGfL, are easy to create websites for schools to use in a variety of ways including project work. Teachers can register their interest and be given the opportunity to create a Microsite that they administrate and can include text, images, video and audio. It is easy to create Articles for the microsite and others including pupils, with permission from the administrator, can add further pages.

Have a go. Either create a new microsite or choose a microsite and register your interest in contributing to it. Visit the Help section for further information.

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Flashmeeting to support community cohesion

Created: 14th Mar 2010
Last update: 28th Feb 2011
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Microsite for 2nd year of Second Life Skoolaborate project

Created: 28th Sep 2009
Last update: 8th Mar 2012
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Alderney Puffin Cam

Puffin Cam - in collaboration with The Wildlife Trusts - Working for a Living Landscape

Created: 18th Dec 2008
Last update: 19th Apr 2015

Berkshire SRG

Berkshire SRG

Created: 16th Feb 2010
Last update: 7th Jun 2013
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Bird Watch 2013

Bird Watch 2013 is a cross-curricular project that is being managed by Kent RSPB Dungeness. The project is an opportunity for schools and colleges in and outsie the UK to share information about the birds that visit their school grounds and local area.

Created: 11th Jan 2012
Last update: 29th Jan 2013
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SEGfL E Safety resources and advice.

Created: 28th Jun 2010
Last update: 21st Mar 2014
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Evacuation Experience taking place annually at the Kent and East Sussex Railway in Tenterden, Kent.

Created: 24th Mar 2009
Last update: 2nd Jul 2013
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Kent Birdwatch 2010

Kent Birdwatch 2010 is a "partnership project" involving The Advisory Service Kent Hands on Support ICT Team, The South East Grid for Learning, The RSPB and other Environmental Groups in the County. Commencing in January 2010 the project is an opportunity for pupils to use ICT to record, publish and share, throughout the year, information about the different species of birds that visit our school grounds and other local habitats.

Created: 10th Aug 2009
Last update: 10th Nov 2010
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Kent Weather Watch

"Kent Weather Watch 2008 is an exciting opportunity for children to use ICT in all subjects to gather, present and share information about the weather and their local climate with other schools in and outside the county."

Created: 11th Aug 2008
Last update: 21st Oct 2008
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Kent Weather Watch 2008-9

The project is an opportunity for pupils to use ICT to creatively share information about the weather in their local area with schools in and outside the United Kingdom and to investigate how changes in the weather affect the everyday lives of all living things.

Created: 15th Sep 2008
Last update: 17th May 2011
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Pupils Outdoor Nature Detectives. Environment Project.

Created: 12th May 2009
Last update: 5th Oct 2010
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Rural Swale - The Gunpowder Mill

The Gunpowder Mill

Created: 10th Nov 2008
Last update: 31st Mar 2009
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Skoolaborate - Second Life Project

This is Year 2 of the SEGfL teen Second Life project that is being run in collaboration with Skoolaborate. This is a one-stop shop for staff from SEGfL schools and other partners who are involved in the project.

Created: 1st Oct 2008
Last update: 6th Oct 2009
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South East Schools Bugs Count Survey

The South-East Bugs Count Survey will be taking place from the 26th to 30th September. It is an opportunity for pupils to investigate and find out how many species of invetebrates have adapted successfully to living in urban surroundings. The 3 Bugs short surveys will take pupils fifteen minutes each to complete. All results will then be uploaded and added online to the Opal Bugs Count National database. To view the results entered visit the OPAL Surveys website.

Created: 16th Aug 2011
Last update: 16th Nov 2011
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Step Outside

Learning Outside the Classroom Step Outside is an opportunity for schools across the South-East of England to take part in the environmental programme organsised for schools in 2013 by the South East Grid for Learning Associates and our project partners. Full details about the exciting range of planned activities will be published on this website at the start of the Ney Year.

Created: 28th Nov 2012
Last update: 9th Jan 2013
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Victorians and the Railway Age

A collection of victorian resources, support material, film and other digital images. This comprehensive site features The Kent and East Sussex Railway as exemplar but offers guidance for anyone wishing to construct exciting learning experiences based on heritage material.

Created: 23rd Jun 2010
Last update: 5th Aug 2014
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Weather Watch 2013

THis site contains information about climate and weather from schools around the globe. To join Weather Watch 2013 please complete the registration form at the bottom of the home page.

Created: 4th Nov 2012
Last update: 28th Nov 2012